The Periodic Table of Elements: Spiralized

The Spiral Table sculpture presents the Periodic Table of Elements in a three dimensional, continuous model, rather than the better-known discrete and traditional format.

The spiral shape best represents how the elements increase in both size and mass in an unbroken pattern, whereas the typical table fails to reflect this continuity. Each Period runs onto the next, uniquely linking the noble gases with the alkali metals, instead of distancing them at polar ends of the table.

Tech’s sculpture takes this nuance further, intentionally inverting the already established spiral table design. Starting with hydrogen, the smallest and lightest piece, as the centremost element within the spiral, due to its foundational role in each and every other one in the table.

For generations of students to come, The Spiral Table, alongside the whole of the newly built Life Science Centre, serves to spark chemistry creativity and innovation beyond the norm; The Spiral Table rewires how we conceptualize the Periodic Table, in much the same way that future Golden Eagles may transform scientific understanding in the World.